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Q: Covid-19?


A: The Bernal Scream Haunted House will adhere to current local guidelines regarding Covid-19 precautionary measures as seen fit for our event. Staff and guests are required to follow these guidelines when necessary. 

These guidelines may vary from time to time. We encourage our Visitors and Guests to use their judgment and act accordingly for their own safety and safety of others. All who enter The Bernal Scream Haunted House do so at their own risk. 

The Bernal Scream staff will routinely clean/sanitize all high traffic touchpoints threw out the night, to ensure guest safety to the best of our ability. We will also offer hand sanitizers mounted threw out the event for guest to use as they see fit.

Note: that any public location where people are present provides an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and we cannot guarantee nor are we responsible in any way shape or form that you will not be exposed during your visit. For more information, please visit the CDC website



Q: Is it a maze? Will I get lost? 



The Bernal Scream is not a maze. It is a 4,000sf one way stroll through all of our thrilling attractions and rooms. If any guest is confused while walking through, a staff member will help direct you through the attraction, or to leave early through an emergency exit, if necessary.

Keep in mind, if you exit the haunted house early, there are no refunds.



Q: How can I save time in line? 


A: For the fastest entry to our show, we offer a VIP ticket that includes a “Fast Pass”. These tickets are sold in limited supply to allow a much faster entrance to our attraction. Our lines can get up to 4 hours long sometimes do to demand on busy nights. So having a fast past is a excellent choice. 



Q: Is parking free?


A: Yes ABSOLUTELY! We have never charged for parking. However parking can be limited during peek times. So feel free to use street parking (NO CHARGE) or a nearby parking lot. 



Q: How much are tickets? 


A: Please visit our “Tickets” page for full information on pricing this season.



Q: What are the hours of operations? 


A: Please see our “Hours/Calendar” page for days and hours of operation. 



Q: Are you open in the rain?


A: Yes we are! However if the weather presents a safety hazard at any point the show will be immediately shut down with out notice. We will however update our hours for that night asap. 



Q: Can we take videos or pictures well INSIDE the show?


A: No you can not as we don’t want to ruin the experience for others. 

However your welcome to take as many photos and videos around our tent and most other places on our property. Just NOT inside the attraction itself. 


Q: Is smoking or vaping allowed? 


A: NO!  No Smoking and No Vaping allowed. Violators will be ejected immediately.



Q: Are there multiple lines? 


A: Yes, Depending on the ticket you have purchased,  you will be sent to one of two lines.  “General Admission” Or “VIP Fast Pass”.



Q: Where can I buy tickets? 


A: You can purchase tickets online using our “Tickets” page here on our website. Or you can purchase tickets in person at our ticket both on site.



Q: Why am I being charged a processing fee when purchasing tickets online? 


A: As The Bernal Scream does everything we can to keep cost to you as low as possible, we do however have to pay multiple companies to help with processing tickets both well purchasing and at the conclusion. This processing fee helps cover those cost. However, to avoid ANY fees you can always purchase tickets in person using cash at our ticket booth. As saving you money is important to us, we never want to sacrifice any parts of your show experience to save a few cents on tickets. We hope you understand, an you can expect a great terrifying experience in return.  



Q: What can I bring with me well going threw the attraction: 


A:  •No pets

  • No weapons

  • No alcoholic beverages

  • No drugs

  • No cameras

  • No smoking

  • No vaping

  • No laser pointers or flashlights

  • No food or beverages

  • No bags (no backpacks, no shopping bags, etc.) 



Q: Do you serve alcoholic beverages? 


A: NO! And alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the property, so please do not bring any with you. Also, if you show up to our event under the influence you will be escorted off the property with out refund. However you are welcome to come back on any remains nights in a sober manner. 

Being under the influence is unsafe and dangerous for our guest and for our staff. Safety is taking EXTREMELY seriously at The Bernal Scream with no exceptions. 


Q: Once we’ve used our ticket can we go through again with the same ticket?


A: No, a new ticket is required to regain entry to our haunted house. However feel free to wander around the property and take in your experience. 




Q: Is it scary?


A: Absolutely! No question about it. We strive all year long to build a unforgettable terrifying yet thrilling experience for our guest. But don’t take our word for it, just read the countless reviews left on our yelp page as well as here on our site under the “reviews” tab. We may not the the biggest show, but were no question one of the scariest. 



Q: What if I get to scared well inside? 


A: There are emergency exits all along the tent and they are clearly lit well inside the show. Please note: By leaving early you will NOT get a refund. Your paying us to scare you and that's what we love to do. If you do leave early however it's still a win as there's many folks who are to scared to come in at all. So no shame in leaving early. Sounds like your experience was a great one. 

Q: Are there any flashing or strobe lights? 

A: Important Warning: YES! Please see our "Rules/Safety" Page for more info. 

Q: Do you accept credit cards? 

A: Yes we do, please see our "Tickets" page for more info. 

Q: Are children free?

A: Children 5 and below are free.

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