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About Us:

After seven long years, The Bernal Scream is making it's triumphant return to the Bay Area. Father and son duo Mike and Abel Barrera, started The Bernal Scream as a free show in their backyard in 2013. Over the next couple years The Bernal Scream would see thousands of people, countless of terrifying scares, TV news coverage, and endless online articles. With this on going building of success it was finally time to take The Bernal Scream out of their backyard and into the commercial spot light. In 2016 the father and son duo had managed to cement its name as one of the Bay Area's premier commercial haunted attractions. Their breakout show “Satan's Revenge” would raise the bar and instill a new kind of fear. Thousands more would turn out that year to experience this special show for themselves. Following their success in 2016, the duo would take some time off to spend time as a family. However during that period, their lives would change forever when Father/Co-Founder Abel Barrera was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. The passing of their father ( Co-Founder) Abel Barrera would rock the family down to the core. Prior to Abel Barrera's passing, The duo would spend their remaining time together building for what should have been the next haunted  attraction. It was the duos dream to see the return of The Bernal Scream haunted house. Since the passing of Co-Founder (Abel barrera) and with his blessing, Son (Mike Barrera) has continued on the dream of finishing what the duo started together all those years ago. So now here we are in 2023 with the return of  The Bernal Scream's newest haunted attraction. We present to you the most horrific and spine twisting show yet, Lucifers Wraith! . Born from the duos darkest reign of

imaginations, "Fear still... has no mercy".

-The Bernal Scream


“If you build it, they will come”

-Abel Barrera 


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